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I was born in San Diego but spent my childhood in Oklahoma and Texas. There I trained in dance, voice, and competitive cheer. I returned to San Diego in 2011 where I immediately fell in love with the local theatre vibe; It's alive and abundant! I am very grateful to have spent the last three and a half years performing professionally in regional theatre under top notch artistic teams.

My love for acting has given me opportunities to pursue a career in both stage and film.


Current Performances:

You can see me now performing as Young Anna and Elsa weekly in Frozen: Live at the Hyperion with The Walt Disney Company.


Recent Project:

"Mare" is a Horror/family drama short film written and directed by Jospeh Burch. (Currently in post-production).

Mare follows Kate, (Olivia Hodson) a young girl struggling with the recent death of her father while trying to maintain a civil relationship with her jaded mother. Kate is forced to put her dream of becoming an artist aside and embrace  the hard work of ranch life, something she's not too keen on. Increasingly hallucinatory events occur bringing us inside the mind of the grieving and leaving Kate to choose just how important her family is to her.

Resume and reels

Acting Demo and Voiceover reels available upon request.

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